This new path

A few days ago I participated in Atlanta Celebrates Photography’s annual portfolio review. I can’t fully explain how impactful an experience it was. To be one of fifty photographers from all over the country chosen to participate was an honor. I learned from and was inspired by those photographers, and received unparalleled advice from experts in the field – professors and gallery owners, curators and renowned magazine editors and the like. The experience exceeded my expectations. The professional insights were invaluable and will help me improve my approach to my work. Someone told me that it was extremely ballsy to put my work out there for that kind of scrutiny. It didn’t feel ballsy. It felt scary and exhilarating all at once. It felt good to receive some validation that this new path, one that is far removed from Business School and the machinations of the corporate world, is the right path for me. I AM a photographer.

3 thoughts on “This new path”

  1. Hey Barb! Awesome work on the photography front! Is this a new venture for you, or have you always pursued photography? I LIKE it! Is this a side interest, or have you spurned the corporate world to pursue your true passions?

    Miss you.


    1. Dave! I’ve been shooting as a hobby for three or so years and developed a passion for it during that time. I have totally given up all things corporate for a variety of reasons, and knowing that I could pursue photography made the decision a fairly easy one. Miss you guys too! Let’s catch up soon…

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