Dreams Take Form

Yesterday after two months of heated discussions about what should go where, which walls should be painted or not, what if anything needed to be done to the bare concrete floors, blood , sweat, tears and recriminations AND many a destroyed spider web, we held a show. My partner in life and in art, Dave and I, held a show at our new studio – Art 101/Introduction to Art.

Our space is in the lower level of an artists community called The Arts Exchange – a wonderfully repurposed old elementary school. A classroom sized space on the basement level, LL2 was inhabited for years by a woodworker who had not used the space for quite some time before we moved in. It needed work, and blood, sweat, and tears – and boy did we oblige!

Our months of effort culminated in two sleepless nights preparing for Open Exchange – the annual open studio event. Dave was finishing up hanging the work even as visitors were strolling through – giving it a nice sense of normalcy, of seeing artists at work, or being late….

When he was finished I stepped outside. Coming back into the studio I was taken aback by the awesomeness (no other word describes it) of what we had accomplished together. We may be physically located on the lower level, but in that moment I felt and still feel like we are in the penthouse suite. We can see the world from here. Our dreams have taken form. And the possibilities – on the horizon where our dreams and our reality merge, are infinite.

Thank you friends for coming through and adding even more texture and dimension to our dreams. To those who could not make it, we extend an invitation and welcome you to Art 101.

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